Couple of important action items

BREAST CANCER ACTION, the organization that brought us Think Before You Pink, What The Cluck?, and Stop Milking Cancer is trying to raise $5,000 by June 30. And they are offering one heck of an incentive package. With your $75 (or more) donation, you will receive:

–  DVD of Pink Ribbons Inc – Critics are raving about this game-changing, hard-hitting documentary that examines the commercialization of the pink ribbon. If you’ve seen it, you know what a powerful tool it is for understanding and unpacking the breast cancer industry. With your gift of $75 or more, you’ll receive a voucher for a Pink Ribbons, Inc. DVD, available immediately upon its release this September. Be the first to own a copy that you can share it with your community.

–  Autographed copy of Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King
–  Think Before You Pink® Toolkit – BCAction’s handbook for making change

It took me about two seconds to make up my mind on this one. HERE is the donation page.

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Army of Women and the National Breast Cancer Coalition are teaming up for a petition drive.

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and its Love/Avon Army of Women program is proud to partner with the National Breast Cancer Coalition to ask the president to make breast cancer a national priority. It is an election year and the candidates are discussing many important issues. Regardless of who wins the election in November, we want him to make breast cancer a priority for the next administration. That is why we are partnering with the National Breast Cancer Coalition to secure signatures on a petition to the president that will be delivered on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013.

There are also lots of open studies mentioned in that link. No doubt most of you know this, but in case you don’t, Dr. Susan Love was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She has temporarily stepped back from her duties but plans to return soon. Despite recent controversy regarding the partnership with Ford and other choices, few people would argue that we’ve had a better advocate than Dr. Love. Please join me in wishing her well for her treatment. In fact, here is a part of her letter of gratitude for the support she has received.

The outpouring of support my family and I have received since letting people know about my leukemia diagnosis has left me speechless.

It is one thing to be diagnosed with cancer. It is quite another to know that thousands of women and men have me in their thoughts as I embark on my personal journey to cancer survivorship.

Having completed a few marathons, I can say I know a bit about endurance, and fighting through pain. I expected to draw open that experience during my treatment. Now, I will also draw upon the words so many of you shared: words of hope, words of inspiration, and words of encouragement.

Gives me chills to think that this tireless advocate is in that same dark place so many of us have visited.

Kick its ass, Dr. Love. We desperately need you.