Flying Pig

Even though I’m only up to running 2.25 miles, I think I’m going to go ahead with my plan for running the 5K in Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon this weekend.  What’s the worse that can happen?  I mean, other than sudden death and broken bones and crushed spirits?  Maybe I’ll have to walk part of it.

What my iPod looks like

So here’s where you come in.  What iPod songs do you recommend?  Here’s what I ran to yesterday, so you can get a feel for my taste. I’ve picked a few hours of music from my iTunes, but am wondering if you have any favorites I might be missing.

Suspect Device, Stiff Little Fingers
Church of the Holy Spook, Shane MacGowan, and the Popes
A-Bomb in Wardour Street, The Jam
Be Sweet, Afghan Whigs
Series of Dreams, Bob Dylan
Thunder on the Mountain, Bob Dylan
Just Like Heaven, Dinosaur Jr
Dreaming, Blondie

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