Geology Lesson

Inspired by a trip my family took to Mammoth Cave National Park earlier this month.

Geology Lesson
-Katie Ford Hall

A single drop starts it all
Mingling with air it
picks up carbon and
becomes mildly acidic,
the way you might
absorb the
bad childhood
of that one special
person you
tried to save –
the project.
The one who drops
his baggage on the way
out the door.
The one whose pain
wears a small but hard

edge on you.
If that drop falls on
sandstone it
tries again somewhere else.
Like that bible story about
mustard seeds and
But if that drop finds
it makes a tiny imprint
and a hundred years later
a few more drops hit
the same spot and
the dent gets bigger.
Thousands more and you have

Other PoemsMother: A PoemTude

a cave and tourists led
by slaves with candles,
probably glad to get away
from back-breaking fields
of tobacco.
In the damp 55 degrees
one hand brushes another
and oversized shadows dance
grotesque on droplet-
hewn stone walls.
Maybe there’s something
charged with possibility on
its way to becoming lore
or maybe it’s another
forgettable moment of
nothing at all.