Product recommendation

I start off by saying that I was not asked to do this, not paid to do this, nor offered any freebies.  I found this all on my lonesome, just like a big girl.

^^not me^^

I’m on the eternal quest to find the right home for my prostheses for when I want to wear them.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I had a double mastectomy without reconstruction in 2009.

The medical equipment place gave me some mastectomy bras when I was originally fitted, but they are that rayon/shiny/yucky kind of bra that you might find in the 1940s, or maybe on your great-grandma.

Before the big casino entered my life, I was a sports bra kind of gal.  I’ve tried to slip my prostheses into sports bras, but they always seem to slip out.  That makes for a bad day.  And the mastectomy bras make my underarm sore.  I don’t have lymphedema, but I do have some scar tissue on the right side where they removed some axillary lymph nodes in 2008, and the band of those bras just seems to hit that tissue directly.  I can usually feel the soreness the next day.

In my online research, I read about the Genie Bras, which are not made for mastectomies but have a removable pad for the typical breasted women to wear if they so choose.  The cool part is that the opening for the padding is big enough to put the prostheses inside.

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At Target this weekend, they had them so I picked up four.  They came in boxes of two, at $19.99 per box.  As anyone who has priced specialty mastectomy clothes knows, that’s pretty affordable.  I am happy to report that they are as good as I’d hoped they’d be.  The material is indeed very soft and stretchy.  They feel a lot like sports bras.  I wore two different styles over the weekend and my scar tissue is behaving itself.

The only complaint would be that I was hot in it, and sweated underneath the bra on my chest.  I think that was more a function of the weather than anything as it is hot as Hades in the Midwest.  Thumbs up from Uneasy Pink!