The Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Rat

The Chinese Zodiac has a special meaning and it is the one that people call the “Year of the Rat.” It’s very true that there are many different ways to say that this is the year of the Rat or chinese new year rat, but the one I am referring to in this article happens to be a fairly recent one.

In this case we are talking about the year of the Ox, which happens to be the first two years in the cycle where all the major figures of the four cardinal directions will rise together. As the year goes on they will all have fallen by the time you reach the last year which is known as the Year of the Ox.

That’s the basic idea, but the details of what comes before the Ox and what comes after are all dependent upon the person’s personal belief and personal interpretation. For example, one person could say that the Ox is the year of the rat because of the four elements associated with the Ox which happen to be fire, earth, metal and water. There are also other factors and symbols associated with this particular Chinese zodiac sign and some people have used this symbol for ages to represent their belief in one way or another that they can change the physical form of someone they love or want to love and become like. chinese new year zodiac 2021.

My Encounters

One person I know was told that if they can change their form they can change their fate and make everything better in their life. This person was a vegetarian who was told that they can transform into a wolf when they become more spiritually aware.

Another person I know said that the Ox is the sign of the evil spirit so if they believe in the evil one then they are actually going to the evil side and that they’re going to be a serpent, which means that they’re going to live a life that has less freedom and will be punished for their evil deeds. That’s another reason why the Ox would be the year of the Rat.

So there you have it, as you can see there is no reason to take one’s Chinese zodiac year of the Rat literally. But if you choose to do so that doesn’t mean that the zodiac sign is wrong or that you can’t have any fun looking through its horoscope for things that are going to happen.


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