Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review [Updated 2020]

Parents understand once you have been carrying them about for hours on 21, the tiniest of children can feel heavy. That is among the reasons why finding a baby carrier that is comfy is essential.

Boba 4G Review

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The Boba 4G is a flexible, soft-structured carrier which may be used for infants from seven lbs (with a baby fit ) and toddlers up to 45 lbs. It has got two carry positions at a back carry or so that you can put on your baby in haul inward-facing. Additionally, it has quite a few accessories, including a hood, the fit, and foot straps.

Boba 4G Features

For Baby’s Safety

The Boba 4G was made to enable your child to unwind in an organic frog-leg seated posture, which promotes normal hip development. (This implies that your infant’s shoulders fall apart naturally, whereas the thighs and legs are encouraged along with the knees are slightly flexed ) The global Hip Dysplasia Institute has licensed as a carrier the 4G and complies with safety standards. Additionally, it comes with foot straps which promote a posture and may offer your additional support.

When using a baby carrier, it is crucial that you keep your child’s face appears so his breathing is not limited, while also maintaining very good care; the Boba makes this simpler with flexible straps on either side of the carrier in order parents could efficiently bring the child closer or give them a tiny space.

Parents with the Boba 4G have to make sure that they corrected the carrier to guarantee infant sits at the height that is ideal –you wish to guarantee you’re keeping your child kissable and observable. The carrier will not have some neck and head support (everybody agreed it might offer somewhat longer ), but in addition, it comes using a snap-on sleeping hood to present your babe additional support.

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Baby’s Comfort

Our parent and editors Authors agree that the Boba 4G guarantees that your babe is secure and comfy. The carrier is made so that it will not irritate your child’s skin, plus it has got a little pillow for your baby. For the most part could transfer heads, upper legs and their arms around. And there were no concerns from parents that their kid was overheating within this carrier.

Parent’s Comfort

In regards to the way our parent testers believed when utilizing the Boba 4G, many agreed that the shoulder straps are well padded for their relaxation. The same is true with the buckle, which our testers said will help to evenly distribute the weight of baby. People discovered the company did a good job of dispersing the weight. 1 parent did encounter minimal straining at the spine when her child n’t supported themselves and fell asleep.

Ease of Use

It requires some time to become used to babywearing and each company has it’s own specific directions. Our parent testers agreed that the supplied instructions match the Boba 4G and to install are simple to follow. Though our laboratory would have enjoyed more detailed directions As it came to putting their infants parents found the directions straightforward. Half of our parent testers believed they did not have to consult another time to the guide. (Hint: If you want a visual or more education, check out Boba’s schooling video.)

Fixing this provider is pretty simple –a big plus if a couple of individuals are sharing babywearing duty. Our parent anglers discovered waist clip and that the shoulder straps simple to control and the rear and torso clips. By loosening the straps to eliminate the infant out of the 10, no issue is posed, nor will tucking straps away together with an elastics. Popping their babes in and out is not catchy at least, if parents are sporting their infant in front carrying position. Most parents believed it is slightly harder, although A carry, obviously, requires practice.

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The carrier provides two extra features parents love: Multiple pockets plus a handbag strap holder which secures your luggage so that it does not slip off your shoulder or dig in that muscle at the bottom of the neck. Having the ability to tuck telephone and your keys to the hip waist pocket is handy. And should you’ve got a different bag, it is wonderful to have the ability to fasten it without taking something onto your shoulder.

The Boba 4G takes the infant’s along with the wearer’s comfort into account, and ups the advantage factor of infant wearing by supplying pockets and removable capabilities. It is simple to rapidly master placing this carrier ” –Jessica, mother of three


Like whatever your infant comes into contact with, a little bit of TLC is going to be mandatory. Although the provider recommends doing if required the Boba 4G is machine washable. You can place clean the merchandise with water and soap. Just like the majority of carriers, the Boba 4G must be air-dried. They agreed that the area is straightforward about handling messes when we requested our parent testers.


The Boba 4G includes a fairly typical price point among infant carriers, but you get a great deal for your bucks. It has been deemed secure by the Global Hip Dysplasia Institute. Additionally, it is a provider mentioned that the stitching is tight and nice and the substance is sturdy and not likely to float. Our grandparents were happy with the substance and building of this Boba 4G, and you said that this provider feels”lasting and sturdy with no bulky,” that is also when you are currently carrying out your tot.

Given the price tag, our grandparents were happy with accessories included with the carrier’s amount. The 4G supplies a lot of longevity last but not least, due to the way it can grow with your kid and the caliber of the carrier.

The Verdict

As a result of the quality, ease of use, and value, our parent anglers agree on three matters when it concerns the Boba 4G. They’d each buy this provider; they’d recommend this carrier to alternative parents and parents-to-be, and they’d appreciate this review. Is that the Boba 4G simple to get the hang of, but it gives comfort and safety to toddlerhood. Additionally, it features all the accessories you will want for support, and parents love the pockets for tucking their things.

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