What is GBWhatsapp – Is It A Free App?

Is GBWhatsapp free? Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, it is a great tool for communication and the use of SMS messaging. It is not that the technology that it is based on is something new. It was already available in the market a long time ago but with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and others, there was no stopping the people from using this service. Or you can click here for GBWhatsApp APK Download.

GBWhatsapp has been released by the Facebook company as their competitor. Their aim is to create something that will be very similar to the way that they are communicating with their friends. However, the difference between them is that they have chosen to create a free version of their service where as the paid version is restricted to paying members only. The idea is to create an easy way of communication and keep their users happy. The same thing can be said for the other two services that are available on Facebook and Twitter. The only difference is that they have opted to make their service free of charge for everyone. Check download free YOWhatsApp APK and whats app for android.

So, what are the different ways that people use their service? Well, people use it in many different ways. They use it to send a text message that contains an image or picture that they have downloaded on their mobile phones. It is also used to send instant messages like “Wake up, you’re late.” or “Have you had enough?” If you want to send a message to someone then you can simply enter their phone number to find out if they accept it.

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How to Set Up a GBWhatsApp Account

Before you can get started with a GBWhatsApp account, it is important to first create a user name and password. A username and password are usually a combination of letters, numbers and the letters alpha, omega, delta or the words “123456.” In order to create your account, all you need to do is follow the instructions outlined on the website. You will then need to create a user name and password, which you will use to log in to your account whenever you want.

After creating your password and username

After creating your user name and password, you should create a GBWhatsApp account. If you don’t know how to set up a GBWhatsApp account, you can find instructions that will help you easily create your account here. Once you have created an account, you can choose from the list of currencies available, which is the most popular, and select a payment method for your account. In addition, you can select the amount of money you wish to deposit in the account. You may also have the option to set up a bank account if you wish to keep your funds in the account.

What Next?

Once your account is set up, you can login to your GBWhatsApp account by clicking the account link at the top of the screen. From here, you can check on your balance and view all your transactions to date. You will also be able to access your phone book and find out information on local businesses that accept GBWhats as a form of payment.

You can easily set up a bank account with your GBWhatsApp account. You will just have to enter your bank details and then click the “Create Account” button to set up your account. Once you have set up your account, you can log in to your account whenever you want by clicking the “Sign Out” button.

The GBWhatsApp platform provides you with many features, such as a facility to make deposits and withdraw funds from your account. You can also track your transactions from within the platform itself, and you can manage your account from any internet-connected computer. Check GBWhatsApp APK 8.25 Download and how to download free gbwatsapp on websitepin.

With a GBWhatsApp account, you can use your mobile to access your financial records from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. In addition, your accounts can be transferred, added or deleted at anytime. In fact, once you’ve set up your account, you can easily transfer funds from one account to another as required. It’s easy and convenient, as well as safe and secure.


The Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Rat

The Chinese Zodiac has a special meaning and it is the one that people call the “Year of the Rat.” It’s very true that there are many different ways to say that this is the year of the Rat or chinese new year rat, but the one I am referring to in this article happens to be a fairly recent one.

In this case we are talking about the year of the Ox, which happens to be the first two years in the cycle where all the major figures of the four cardinal directions will rise together. As the year goes on they will all have fallen by the time you reach the last year which is known as the Year of the Ox.

That’s the basic idea, but the details of what comes before the Ox and what comes after are all dependent upon the person’s personal belief and personal interpretation. For example, one person could say that the Ox is the year of the rat because of the four elements associated with the Ox which happen to be fire, earth, metal and water. There are also other factors and symbols associated with this particular Chinese zodiac sign and some people have used this symbol for ages to represent their belief in one way or another that they can change the physical form of someone they love or want to love and become like. chinese new year zodiac 2021.

My Encounters

One person I know was told that if they can change their form they can change their fate and make everything better in their life. This person was a vegetarian who was told that they can transform into a wolf when they become more spiritually aware.

Another person I know said that the Ox is the sign of the evil spirit so if they believe in the evil one then they are actually going to the evil side and that they’re going to be a serpent, which means that they’re going to live a life that has less freedom and will be punished for their evil deeds. That’s another reason why the Ox would be the year of the Rat.

So there you have it, as you can see there is no reason to take one’s Chinese zodiac year of the Rat literally. But if you choose to do so that doesn’t mean that the zodiac sign is wrong or that you can’t have any fun looking through its horoscope for things that are going to happen.


Know How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier in India

If you are planning to purchase a baby carrier for your newborn baby and you want it to be very comfortable to use then you should consider buying the best carrier in India. In order to make it even more convenient to carry your baby around, you could make the best carrier in India available at the market. When it comes to the most popular baby carriers and slings, you would be surprised to see a way that it can be carried easily without having problems with the fabric that it is made of.


With Indian slings and carriers you do not have to worry about the baby falling out and getting hurt because it is lightweight. It also allows you to easily move your child along with you without feeling any discomfort. The good thing about Indian slings is that they are easy to clean and this is the reason why most parents prefer to use these carriers during the night.

The good thing about using the Indian slings is that they are very simple to use. Most of the carriers have soft side panels for easy carrying while the others are made with hard sides that make them difficult to lift. You would be surprised to know that there are many brands that are manufactured with different types of slings and carriers which are suitable for different types of babies. They are used by many parents to keep their newborns safe from sudden shocks of movements. One of the major benefits of carrying around an infant carrier is that you are able to keep your baby close to your body for the duration of the journey. This is one of the reasons why parents prefer to buy these slings and carriers especially if they are traveling long distances.


One of the important factors to consider when purchasing the baby carrier is the type of materials that are used in manufacturing the sling and infant carriers. Most of the slings and carriers that are used in India are made of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, or leather. It is important to know that these types of fabrics tend to mold to the body shape and size of the baby making them very comfortable to use. They are also made from materials that are hypo-allergenic so that they are safe to use even for small children. You can also want to read about the 10 best baby cribs and baby carrier review.


There are many stores in India that sell quality slings and carriers so you should not have to worry about when choosing the best carrier in India. Because they would offer the best service.

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Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review [Updated 2020]

Parents understand once you have been carrying them about for hours on 21, the tiniest of children can feel heavy. That is among the reasons why finding a baby carrier that is comfy is essential.

Boba 4G Review

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The Boba 4G is a flexible, soft-structured carrier which may be used for infants from seven lbs (with a baby fit ) and toddlers up to 45 lbs. It has got two carry positions at a back carry or so that you can put on your baby in haul inward-facing. Additionally, it has quite a few accessories, including a hood, the fit, and foot straps.

Boba 4G Features

For Baby’s Safety

The Boba 4G was made to enable your child to unwind in an organic frog-leg seated posture, which promotes normal hip development. (This implies that your infant’s shoulders fall apart naturally, whereas the thighs and legs are encouraged along with the knees are slightly flexed ) The global Hip Dysplasia Institute has licensed as a carrier the 4G and complies with safety standards. Additionally, it comes with foot straps which promote a posture and may offer your additional support.

When using a baby carrier, it is crucial that you keep your child’s face appears so his breathing is not limited, while also maintaining very good care; the Boba makes this simpler with flexible straps on either side of the carrier in order parents could efficiently bring the child closer or give them a tiny space.

Parents with the Boba 4G have to make sure that they corrected the carrier to guarantee infant sits at the height that is ideal –you wish to guarantee you’re keeping your child kissable and observable. The carrier will not have some neck and head support (everybody agreed it might offer somewhat longer ), but in addition, it comes using a snap-on sleeping hood to present your babe additional support.

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Baby’s Comfort

Our parent and editors Authors agree that the Boba 4G guarantees that your babe is secure and comfy. The carrier is made so that it will not irritate your child’s skin, plus it has got a little pillow for your baby. For the most part could transfer heads, upper legs and their arms around. And there were no concerns from parents that their kid was overheating within this carrier.

Parent’s Comfort

In regards to the way our parent testers believed when utilizing the Boba 4G, many agreed that the shoulder straps are well padded for their relaxation. The same is true with the buckle, which our testers said will help to evenly distribute the weight of baby. People discovered the company did a good job of dispersing the weight. 1 parent did encounter minimal straining at the spine when her child n’t supported themselves and fell asleep.

Ease of Use

It requires some time to become used to babywearing and each company has it’s own specific directions. Our parent testers agreed that the supplied instructions match the Boba 4G and to install are simple to follow. Though our laboratory would have enjoyed more detailed directions As it came to putting their infants parents found the directions straightforward. Half of our parent testers believed they did not have to consult another time to the guide. (Hint: If you want a visual or more education, check out Boba’s schooling video.)

Fixing this provider is pretty simple –a big plus if a couple of individuals are sharing babywearing duty. Our parent anglers discovered waist clip and that the shoulder straps simple to control and the rear and torso clips. By loosening the straps to eliminate the infant out of the 10, no issue is posed, nor will tucking straps away together with an elastics. Popping their babes in and out is not catchy at least, if parents are sporting their infant in front carrying position. Most parents believed it is slightly harder, although A carry, obviously, requires practice.

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The carrier provides two extra features parents love: Multiple pockets plus a handbag strap holder which secures your luggage so that it does not slip off your shoulder or dig in that muscle at the bottom of the neck. Having the ability to tuck telephone and your keys to the hip waist pocket is handy. And should you’ve got a different bag, it is wonderful to have the ability to fasten it without taking something onto your shoulder.

The Boba 4G takes the infant’s along with the wearer’s comfort into account, and ups the advantage factor of infant wearing by supplying pockets and removable capabilities. It is simple to rapidly master placing this carrier ” –Jessica, mother of three


Like whatever your infant comes into contact with, a little bit of TLC is going to be mandatory. Although the provider recommends doing if required the Boba 4G is machine washable. You can place clean the merchandise with water and soap. Just like the majority of carriers, the Boba 4G must be air-dried. They agreed that the area is straightforward about handling messes when we requested our parent testers.


The Boba 4G includes a fairly typical price point among infant carriers, but you get a great deal for your bucks. It has been deemed secure by the Global Hip Dysplasia Institute. Additionally, it is a provider mentioned that the stitching is tight and nice and the substance is sturdy and not likely to float. Our grandparents were happy with the substance and building of this Boba 4G, and you said that this provider feels”lasting and sturdy with no bulky,” that is also when you are currently carrying out your tot.

Given the price tag, our grandparents were happy with accessories included with the carrier’s amount. The 4G supplies a lot of longevity last but not least, due to the way it can grow with your kid and the caliber of the carrier.

The Verdict

As a result of the quality, ease of use, and value, our parent anglers agree on three matters when it concerns the Boba 4G. They’d each buy this provider; they’d recommend this carrier to alternative parents and parents-to-be, and they’d appreciate this review. Is that the Boba 4G simple to get the hang of, but it gives comfort and safety to toddlerhood. Additionally, it features all the accessories you will want for support, and parents love the pockets for tucking their things.

How to Play The Oregon Trail Game

Hey! Happy reading to everyone, in this blog you can find everything about Oregon trail and the guidelines on how to play it. I hope you’ll learn and get useful information from this blog post.

About the Game

The Oregon Trail is a computer game originally developed by Don Rawitsch, Costs Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger in 1971 and produced by MECC in 1974. The initial video game was created to teach school children about the truths of 19th-century leader life on the Oregon Trail. The player presumes the role of a wagon leader directing his celebration of inhabitants from Self-reliance, Missouri, to Oregon’s Willamette Valley over the Oregon Trail by means of a Conestoga wagon in 1848 (Oregon trail).

The games have handled to reside on, and they’re readily available these days entirely for complimentary online. There are several basic things that you need to know about this game. 

Here’s how to play everyone, the Oregon Trail consists of three parts:

  1. Beginning (The Departure). When a player needs to choose the character and name of the leader, as well as his/her companions, prior to leaving Independence, Missouri.
  2. Middle (The Journey). The journey and the leader are expected to face obstacles along the way.
  3. End (The Arrival). When the moment of reaching Oregon where a player can review all the points acquired on the journey.

Searching An essential element of the video game was the ability to hunt. Using guns and bullets bought over the course of the video game, gamers choose the hunt alternative and hunt wild animals to include their food reserves. In the initial variation, there were no graphics and gamers were timed on how fast they could type “BANG,” “WHAM,” or “POW,” with misspelled words leading to a stopped working the hunt.

In later variations, players hunted with a crosshair controlled by the mouse. Bison was the slowest moving target and yielded the most food, while bunnies and squirrels were quickly and used extremely percentages of food. Deer (eastern section) and elk (western section) were in the middle in terms of speed, size, and food yield; bear between bison and deer in all three properties.

In later variations, as long as there were at least 2 living members of the wagon celebration, 200 pounds could be carried back to the wagon. It was exceptionally common for gamers to eliminate several thousand pounds worth of animals, just to lose the large bulk of it. Some would consider this a sensible representation of the wild west.

For instance, searching during the winter season would result in graphics revealing lawn covered in snow. Death Throughout the course of the game, members of your party could fall ill and die from a variety of causes, such as measles, snakebite, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and exhaustion. People might likewise pass away from drowning or a damaged leg.

When one of your party members dies, a funeral service is quickly held, at which you might write an appropriate tombstone epitaph, and after which you continue down the trail. Scoring At the conclusion of the journey, points are awarded according to a formula weighted by the profession selected (points are doubled for a carpenter and tripled for a farmer), the number and health of surviving members of the family, remaining belongings, and cash on hand.

Nineties kids will remember trying to make the traumatic journey throughout the American West without contracting dysentery or losing any cattle. And no, we do not mean the 1890s. Oregon Trail, the classic early computer system video game in which players go on a virtual version of the trek early inhabitants made (and deal with all the old-timey challenges they would have come across), is back.

Get push notifications with news, functions and more. Following You’ll get the most recent updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Of course, the brand-new variation has a couple of tweaks to show the modern-day Oregon experience consisting of all its famous hipster quirks. Gamers can still check out the outdoors on skiing experiences and nature walkings.

Rather than leading a wagon train, players pick between career options like yoga teacher and fly angler. Supplies you can buy with the allotted $1,400 variety from the outrageous (kombucha) to the beneficial (a spare tire). While the adventures are new and the consequences don’t appear to be as alarming, the design and process of the video game are similar to you remember pixelated letters, very easy graphics and crucial commands to make all your essential choices.

Oregon Trail Guidelines Upgrades: 

  • The very first time that players make a stack of 5 trail cards, the player who played the fifth card chooses whether to put the very first card played or the 5th card used the top of the stack (Oregon trail). 
  • Gamers always put the first card used the top of the stack (so the trail connects).
  • Crossing a river is treacherous. Follow the guidelines on the card to try to ford a river. 
  • One gamer needs to effectively ford the river prior to anymore Path Cards can be played, so if a player dies, loses a Supply Card, or if nothing occurs (by rolling a 3 or a 5 on the “Lose a Supply Card” River Card), play passes to the left.

Hitch up your wagon and struck up the basic shop for supplies because it’s time to go out on The Oregon Path. A collection of more than 2,300 MS-DOS computer system programs and video games has actually been made offered free of charge on The Internet Archive, a non-profit library of digital material and programs.

The popular game was frequently utilized in schools to teach geography and history. It’s presently the top-viewed game on the archive with more than 170,000 clicks. (The 1992 variation is likewise in the archive and has more than 37,000 views.) Other games in the collection consist of early variations of Super Solvers, Leisure Match Larry, Donkey Kong, Prince of Persia, Sim City, Indiana JonesandThe Last Crusade and Street Fighter. Oregon trail official site.

In Conclusion

Nevertheless, there might be a couple of glitches here and there.” I actually worked hard to have just fully-functioning programs up,” the Web Archive’s historian Jason Scott wrote on his blog. “A few of them will still fall over and die, and numerous of them may be odd to play in an internet browser window.” He asks users to share their feedback by means of the “feedback button” in the archives.

A big selection of classic educational games consisting of “The Oregon Trail,” “Number Munchers,” and “Lemonade Stand” are available online for totally free. Whether you grew up in the ’80s, the ’90s, or the ’00s, you have actually probably got fond memories of the video gaming timeless “The Oregon Trail.” It becomes part of a group of early “edutainment” video games planned to inform, along with delight, young players.

Steps on How to Shop on Flipkart

Shopping nowadays can be done without going out of your house. Thanks to e-commerce platforms that serve as a virtual shopping mall for those who are not able to go to the supermarket or department stores to buy things. Here, we will show you how to buy products on one of the known online shopping platforms in India – the Flipkart.

shop on flipkart

There are tons of e-commerce platform today that offer several products all around the world. Of course, it will cost high for those who live in other countries considering paying for delivery fees, but some of the products we want can only be purchased in a particular place or store. Some even resort to giving gift cards that are available online, to save themselves the time to think about the items that they want to give and, instead, let the receiver decide to buy the things he/she prefers. That’s the purpose of online shopping.

Flipkart is one of the biggest online stores in India. It is founded by Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007. It focuses on different products such as books, electronics, lifestyle and fashion products. You can download Flipkart app on your mobile phone or PC for convenient shopping.

How to Shop on Flipkart

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can easily shop or purchase your favourite products on Flipkart. 

Step 1. On your browser, go to Flipkart official website.

Step 2.  Type the item you want to purchase in the search bar, or you can click the Categories to search for a particular item. 

flipkart categories

Step 3. Once it displayed the result, click on the item you chose. It will display the information and the image of that product. 

Flipkart item

Step 4. If you have decided to buy that item, click the Buy Now button. You can see the price of that item and how long it will be delivered to you. 

flipkart Buy Now

Step 5. After checking the item’s information and all the charges, click Place Order.

Step 6. To complete the order, you must log in to your account. Or you can create an account if you haven’t had one.

Step 7. Fill up the delivery form and click Save and Continue. 

flipkart login and details form

Step 8. After filling up the form, you will be redirected to your order summary. Check everything to ensure the placement of the order and click Continue.

Step 9. Now, select the payment method you want to use on purchasing. You may choose to pay Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, Banking, EGV, and EMI.

Step 10. If you are required to fill up the captcha, do that. It is just a verification that you are a human. Then, click Confirm Order.

Step 11. A message will appear confirming that your order was successfully made. After that, you just need to wait for the product to be delivered in your place.

That’s how you can shop on Flipkart using only your computer and the internet. If you are using your mobile phone, it is more convenient if you download and install the Flipkart application before buying it. The steps are pretty much the same.

It’s India’s largest online retailer and in 2018, retail giant Walmart announced its intent to acquire a controlling stake in the company for $16 billion, making this the world’s largest e-commerce acquisition, ever. So what is Flipkart?

In Conclusion

I know many of us have already experienced shopping online. This post is for the first-timers who are not yet familiar with virtual shopping and e-commerce platforms like Flipkart.

If you have questions and concerns, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box below. We’ll try to help you as much as we can. 

FlipKart App for PC

Download And Install The FlipKart App For Pc

Are you the type of person who loves shopping online? If you are in India then you must know about FlipKart. If you are here to learn about FlipKart app for PC then here are some important things that you should know.

What is FlipKart?

Flipkart is the No.1 online selling or shopping platform in India established back in 2007. It has since made its success in the country’s e-commerce. And if you are into shopping online or you would rather prefer purchasing stuff using your mobile phone, then you must have visited FlipKart every now and then. One thing i love about this company is their customer support team, flikpart customer care is just awesome.

Available FlipKart app versions

For desktop users, there is a FlipKart app for PC but you will need Windows 8, 8.1, or 10’s Windows Store to install the app. The only properly working FlipKart interface presently is the mobile app for Android and iOS users. If you happen to be using the earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 7 or the obsolete Windows XP, you will need an Android emulator to install it.

FlipKart app for PC

The Windows Store version is alright at best. It does not really have many features and there have been some reported bugs when using it. It crashes frequently and performs terribly. This is perhaps due to the developers for Windows PC version is not as enthusiastic anymore. Who could blame them? Windows Apps are dying if not yet dead already as the Windows Mobile platform has gone haywire since 2016.

Yes, unfortunately, there is no full-fledged Windows version for FlipKart app for PC. The only way to install the app Windows machines is on Android emulators. The best emulators right now are BlueStacks and NOX. You can download bluestacks from here.

Using BlueStacks and NOX is pretty much the same way. Whichever you prefer using, the procedure is similar. Here is how it is done:

Installing FlipKart using Android emulator on PC

  1. First, you must have a good Windows system. The minimum is at least a dual-core CPU and 4GB of RAM. You should also have more than 10GB of free storage on your hard drive. Any lower specification will likely be unpleasant, laggy, or worse randomly crashing.
  2. Download and install BlueStacks or NOX.
  3. As soon as the installation is finished, log in using your Google account or Gmail.
  4. Open the pre-installed Play Store in the emulator and search for “FlipKart”.
  5. Once installed, click and open the app. Then get ready to shop all you want.

Other ways to access FlipKart

If you really want to access the FlipKart site, just use any browser installed on your Windows machine. It is much reliable and the content is richer. Some say it is even better than the FlipKart Android version app. But it would have been great if Microsoft improves Windows app support. A fully working FlipKart app on Windows without using an emulator would be nice for some users that are a fan of the shopping platform.

What do you think? Should the people from FlipKart make their very own fully-functioning FlipKart app for Windows?

Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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Partnership – Flipkart and Asus

Partnership between Flipkart and Asus

Well know Indian eCommerce company – Flipkart and Taiwan based Electronics company – Asus announced their long-term partnership, where Flipkart will sell Asus’s smartphones series online in India which will be manufactured as per the requirement and demand of Indian consumer. Both companies will support each other on marketing and distribution.

Hope this alliance will profitable for Indian Consumer. Let’s hope for better.

Also, the alliance announced that they will launch ‘ZenFone Max Pro’. Mr. K Krishnamurty, CFO – Flipkart, said: “Flipkart will provide researched data of Indian consumer to built smartphone based on provided data”.

Also, Asus announced that according to Digital CSR (Corporate Social Partnership), they will provide digital awareness to the people.

Hope, this alliance will work well for a long time.

How To Change Jio Dongle Password (Easy Guide)

If you find the need to change your Jio dongle WiFi password but do not know where to start, you just found the right place to learn about it. In this article, we will teach how to change Jio dongle password the easiest way possible.

Just remember that when you change your password, you must make sure that you can remember it. Or else you will not be able to access the Jio WiFi network. Although it is still possible to reset the Jio device in case that scenario happens. So without further ado, here is the guide on how to change your Jio dongle password.

Here’s how to change Jio Dongle Password

  1. Switch on your Jio dongle device.
  2. Connect your smartphone or laptop to the WiFi network.
  3. Open your web browser. It could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  4. On the search bar, type http://192.168.l.l and enter.Change Jio Dongle Password
  5. A prompt will appear. If you have not changed the username and password for the user interface or administrator login page then you may enter the default login details. Use administrator for username and administrator for the password.
  6. As soon as you are in the administrator user interface, find the Network and then the WiFi configuration and click on it.Change Jio Dongle Password
  7. Below, you will find the password. Enter your new password and apply.Change Jio Dongle Password
  8. All your devices that are connected to the WiFi will be disconnected. That means you will have to reconnect them again but this time, you will use the new password you have entered.

Note: Make sure to use a password combination that is both easy to remember for you and hard for everybody else to guess or figure out. If you have to save a copy of the password, please make sure to keep the copy to a safe area where no one else could access it.

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